Operation Charlie Mike

Mission/Vision of the Vietnam Veterans War Museum/ Vietnam Veterans Association Post 803

The mission/vision of the Vietnam Veterans War Museum/ Vietnam Veterans Association Post 803 is multi-faceted. Museum director Dennis Wolfe/ VVA president Larry Sherman wear many hats while overseeing many programs.

The Museum itself is open 7 days a week, staffed by volunteer veterans. There is an informal, confidential, veterans support group which meets every Friday from 0900-1000. Tours are given on an individual and group basis. School children. Veterans from the Bath VA, clients of the ARC of Chemung are just a few examples of who visits on a regular basis.

Veterans and their families who have any questions or concerns can call or stop by. If the answer isn't readily available, a contact will be given to someone who can assist. With over 200 members of post 803, someone has utilized a facet of the VA, and their shared experiences are invaluable to new veterans, or old veterans experiencing any concerns. State and county veteran's representatives are frequent visitors with he latest benefit information available.

The Chemung County Honor Guard draws their members from our veteran population. With 184 funerals attended last year, these men honor their fallen brothers and sisters, and their families on an almost daily basis every time they put on the uniform/ Numerous flag/color presentations are attended every year as well by them.

For months before Memorial Day, Larry Sherman starts putting the Memorial Day Parade together. On Veterans Day, they attend 11 services at cemeteries/ nsg. Homes/ Wisner park, and finishing up at the memorial at Eldridge Park. VVA Post 803 meets monthly every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the museum. They help with Wreaths Across America, Hometown Hero Banner information, and sponsor 1-2 guardians a year at the cost of $400.00 each with the Honor Flight. Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc., experience a trip of a lifetime by going cost free to Washington D.C. to visit the memorial wall, and other areas of interest. As most are disabled, a veteran is assigned as a guardian to assist during the trip. Volunteers from VVA 803 help with placement and removal of wreaths for Veterans at Woodlawn National Cemetery every December.

Bridging America's Gap Veterans Organization
is a new nonprofit veterans organization. Founded by an Air Force disabled veteran whom through transitioning from military service to civilian life saw firsthand the deficiencies within the services out there for veterans.

MISSION: Bridging America's Gap Veterans Organization has the responsibility to educated, empower and help to rebuild veterans lives.

Who better to guide and advocate for veterans than a veteran who may have walked a similar path. Bridging America's Gap Veterans Organization is here to support veterans in all aspects of civilian life. We are currently assisting veterans whom may have fallen through the cracking or are frustrated with a current organization that has been helping them. We have purchased prosthetics that were no longer covered by veterans medical institution. We have purchased bus passes for veterans to get to and from work. Bridging America's Gap has assisted in peer mentorship.

Bridging America's Gap is working towards procuring the funds through event fund raising, much like the pub crawl, and grants to buy a building and open a center. Our goal is to provider transient quarters for up to two years while veterans work with a peer support specialist on their financial, medical, social and emotional life. We also want to have a resource library for veterans who are interested in starting their own business to come and sit with a business specialist to get counseled and mentored on the business from start to finish.

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Participating Locations: Brady's Pub, Clemens Center, Finger Lakes House, Patrick's Tavern, Roundin Third, Teall's Tavern

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